At the end of the day, you will look back and say, “God has done amazing things.” Doug Addison
I am always seeking the Father about what to do and I believe He gives me dreams & visions.  Sometimes I don’t understand them at the time, but I write them in my journal and go over them later.  Today I was doing that and decided to share some of the words I have received from Him last year, which I believe pertain to the time we are in now.  
Sept. 9 & 10, 16  (Days of Awe before Atonement)
I had a dream 2 nights in a row.  The first night, I felt it was about a group of people, but they weren’t clear.  We had to write a paper or book and have certain types of research.  We had to have wet & dry research.  I know there were 3 groups of people or assignments – One (A) was where you felt completely helped and protected, (B) the next was you were mostly on your own, but with a safety net below you, (C) and the third was like you were just thrown in to fend for yourself with no help.
The second night the dream was similar, but was mostly focused on the research.  We needed data like from the ocean and the land, then we had to write about the differences.
Sept. 17, 16  (Day 1 of Sukkot)
The Lord spoke to me the following:
Leave things in My hands.  I can and will sort things out.  Don’t worry about people.  They are going to do what they are going to do.  I have a better plan for you.
My plan is for you to teach My people how to love and honor Me and each other.  You do that through demonstration of your love for Me and others.  I know your heart.  You have a good heart for Me and for others.  I love that about you. (I then asked Him if we were moving?)  He said, “Yes”.  I then asked, “When?” No answer.  “Where?”  No answer. 
April 11, 17  (Passover)
I am your Father.  I know you trust Me, but you are not always obedient to Me.  I have told you to do some things you haven’t done. (Stop playing games)  Now I have more for you to do, but you may not be ready.  I asked Him, “How can I get ready, Father?”  Listen for My direction as you spend time with Me.  It is more beneficial for you than playing games.  I miss you.  I want to show you spiritual things & things you have been asking about.
April 12, 17 (Unleavened bread)
You are My child & I love you.  Let that sink in!
Apr. 22, 17  (Sabbath)
Just be you with Me shining through.  Let My love go forth & love the people.  Stay in My Word, that is the ‘safe place’.  I love you. 
May 13, 17  (Sabbath)
I love you.  I want you to rely on Me for everything you need.  I will give you the desires of your heart.  I know what you need and when you need it.  I am leading & guiding you every day.
Things are going to change soon.  Be expectant & ready to receive the blessings I have for you.  You will them soon.
May 17, 17
I love you.  You are in a birthing process.  Soon you will see the fruit of your labor.
June 10, 17  (Sabbath)
I had a vision of a lion & lamb, then it turned into the face of Jesus and then scrolled through different faces, then a skull & then a picture of heaven in the distance.  (I was very hot & sweating during this vision)
Sept. 22, 17  (Feast of Trumpets)
I had a vision that was in 3 parts.  It was sunny with a very blue sky & a few small puffy clouds & I saw Jesus on the clouds.  It went away for a moment and appeared again.  Then it went away again.  The third time it came back He looked like He had fire on Him like wings or under His outstretched arms.
Looking back on these dates, I noticed that quite a few of them land on Holy Feast days.  I really didn’t understand what the last vision was about, but yesterday when I read the information about the 8th day of Sukkot, it struck me that perhaps He was showing me that (A) all 3 feasts are together, (B) We would be looking for Him on the first 2 but that wasn’t the time. 
Also, yesterday, my computer sent out a letter I had written to family & friends in the event of the rapture so they would know what happened to us.  I had it programmed for Monday next week.  Interesting it was 7 days before the 8th day Festival.  I don’t know if that’s a sign or not, kind of like the 7 day warning for Noah? 
Anyway, we continue to watch & seek Him during these high watch times.  We know He is close – even at the door.  I pray these words have blessed you. Dawne   

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