As you ask God for help surprising answers will come.  Doug Addison
JANUARY 11, 2018
You don’t know what is in the next moment.
You have no understanding.  You have no clue.
Wouldn’t it be better to trust in Me
When you don’t know what to do?
You don’t know what lies ahead.  Be still and know that I am God.  Be led by My Spirit.  I will show you which way to go and how to do it.  I will give you the ability.
Everything is fleeting, Just about the time My people start to enjoy things, the things disappear.  For a moment they are upset, but they seem to go on with life.  I am the only One who gives people the ability to enjoy what they have while they have it – when their trust is in Me, and they are thanking Me for what I have supplied.
It will continue as I will continue.  I stand committed to My own.  I stand committed in My love and My faithfulness.  My purpose will prevail in their lives.  They will see, they will understand, and they will rejoice.
Ps. Randy Brodhagen
Jan. 13, 18
Daughter, it is I, the Lord Jesus who speaks to you this day. Write these words for they are true and faithful. Yay, I confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh.
My darling children, I am with you continually. When you are awake and while you are sleeping, My holy angels stand alert around you, standing guard over you. If you could see in the spirit realm, you would be amazed at the number of angels that surround you.
Arise early each day and seek Me in private and I will reward you openly. When you seek Me, you will find Me there in your midst. When you pray~pray for Jerusalem and the lost souls all over the world. So many of My lost children are in the valley of decision. While you wait for Me, show acts of kindness to others that need help; for when you do to the least of them, you are doing it to Me.
Continue to pray for wisdom, understanding, eyes to see, and ears to hear, so that you will hear My voice over a stranger’s voice.
My love, you will be caught up to Me at any moment now. It will be a normal day or night, which will seem no different from the next, but that will be the kind of day I will bring you home. This day is kept safe, secret, where only My Father knows. Soon He will say, “Son, go get Your bride!”
I AM your true love, your King. You were created for Me. I cannot stop thinking about you, and I anxiously await the moment when I can say to you, “Arise My love, come away with Me. Heaven awaits you My love, My fair one, and it is beyond your wildest imagination.”
By Become Like Jesus on YouTube

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