Be confident in what you’re hearing and use grace with those who disagree. 

 ​Doug Addison
“God’s Glory”
A Word from the Lord Feb. 2018
For those who call upon Me, I will answer, saith the Lord.  I will answer in truth.  I will show them the way.  I will show them what to do.  Those that wait upon Me will not go away empty, for I will come in due season and fulfill all that I have intended to fulfill.
So learn My will, learn My ways, walk in My ways.  Seek My face with all your heart and I will be near to be found.  I encourage you today to walk in the purity that I have washed you in through My blood, what I have done.  I have given it all to you.  You are pure, you are holy, you are made right in right standing with Me.  I love to be with you, My children, My sons, My daughters that are called by My name.  I have set you apart to praise Me, to worship Me, to love Me, to fulfill all the good that I have intended to do in you, through you, around you, for you and to others as you fulfill My love.  You will love as you are loved.
I enjoy your presence with Me and that is what I have created you for — to enjoy Me all the days, all the days and forever you will be with Me.  Soon you will behold Me face-to-face as I am and you will so enjoy what you see.  My glory is upon you, it is in you, it is through you, it is around you.  But soon you will see Me face-to-face in all My glory as I will display Myself in all My splendor.
Remember you are My plan, you are to My praise.  You are the planting of My splendor in the earth.  Now show forth the good works that I work in you that others might see My glory in you and through you and around you and to you.  They will give thanks.  They will give thanks and they will draw near to Me as you have drawn near to Me.  Do not hold back.  Do not disregard what I have put within you for My glory —desires to be displayed and to come forth through you, in you, around you and to you for others that they might see and be holy.
Yes, there is a whole lot more.  There is better than what they have.  They will draw near to Me and they will know as you know.  You will rejoice with them, for you will see that what I have done for you I will do for them also.
God bless you, in Jesus’ name for your faithful support of us and Glory to God Ministries!
Ps. Randy Brodhagen

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