Taking time to pull back and rest will give you new strength for what is coming. Doug Addison
Revelation given to Joe Hallock about the birthing process and how it relates to our Christian walk:
When a baby is in the womb, it breathes water and is nourished by the blood of the Mother.  When it is born, it breaches through the blood and water and must take its first breath of air to survive.  
A new Christian is born with the washing of the blood – forgiveness of sins and water – baptized – and can start to live by being filled with the Holy Spirit – breath.
By MaryEllen Replenished Hope Ministries
The Father says, There is a sunset coming to you that will bring to an end a chapter in your life. Do not be alarmed by this because I have been speaking to you regarding this already. With any change, there will be mixed emotions. What is leaving will no longer serve you in this next chapter. To embrace the new, you will need to relinquish control over what you have no control over in reality.I am bringing a very important level of growth to you and one that will take you up not just one level but several in My Glory. I am pouring blessings out over you. You have done well, My Beloved. Your next adventure will be a wild ride indeed filled with Joy beyond understanding. Even when the day rains on your endeavors, you will laugh it off with My Joy for nothing will keep you from My Plans.People near and dear will not get what is going on with you. They will wonder where the old you went to. You will laugh and smile because you are molded by My Hand and know who holds your future fully. No amount of negative words or thoughts will deter you any longer. You are an Overcomer, and in the next year you are going to completely know all that this envelops in your life.You will watch problems one by one, just disappear that once raged against your shores. The land of lack is not your portion. You don’t live there any longer. Look and See all that I have spoken and all that will suddenly come to be in your life. Many have waited decades to see My words come to pass in their life. The wait will be over, and you will learn to appreciate the experience of even waiting on My Word to come to reality. Even in waiting, you found My Favor and Abundance for My Hand is surely moving over your life.
~Blessings MaryEllen McCloud Replenished Hope

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