Heads up! God is going to use small things to produce big results. Doug Addison
Call upon My name in the day of trouble, and watch what I will do for you.  I will help you, and I will show Myself mighty on your behalf.  For I am a mighty God who does not lack.  In Me you will not lack as you put your trust and your faith in Me.  I will consume that which has consumed you.  I will destroy and remove it.  You will see it no more, for it will have no power over you.
“Every evil word spoken, every evil deed done, will be turned back on those who have spoken and done violence in the earth against My people, saith the Lord. For I will come from the heavens like a mother bear to care for, protect, vindicate, defend, and establish My own.”
You will stand in My grace, in My mercy, and My love.
My substance will come to you from above.
For the blessing will be loosed in your behalf.
You will know,
Just as Moses stretched forth his staff.
The power of the Most High began to move and flow,
I separated the waters.  I caused the water to flow.
Be one of those, yes, be a shining light for Me,
Not complaining, grumbing or murmuring in strife.
But know you have been given a brand new life.
So make someone happy this day.
Be glad and praise Me, I’ll show you the way.
I’ll lead you to the people.  I’ll show you what to do.
It’s going to happen because I put it in you.
Ps. Randy Brodhagen

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