Jan. 4, 19
My chosen ones chose not to believe the Scriptures spoken of Me.  The Pharisees were blinded and denied My Words that I am Father of One.  They crucified Me thinking they could remove all the miracles and words I spoke; people would forget Me.  
Satan though he succeeded in his plans and he would hold the deed to the earth for eternity.  Oh, was he in for a surprise! I rose and all of his plans fell apart! I took the keys of death and the grave from him.  I am the victor in this, Bride, all he has in this are lies and the fallen angels that have no authority.
Listen to Me!  Deception is growing more.  There is a battle in the spirit that wages on.  Michael and his angels are fighting above you and around you.  The battle grows with intensity.  I am coming.  The battle has been won.  I stand at the door.  Hear Me in your spirit.  I speak truth!  Listen to My Holy Spirit.  You are My Bride.
The celebration is ready.  The cloud of witnesses are excited.  There is great anticipation.  I am coming!  Hold on! Hold on!  You will see much in the days ahead.  The wicked will pay a price that is more than money can buy.  They have their hidden caves.  Pride and arrogance is their game.  Stand firm in My promises.  You are My Bride and I will protect you!  You have a wedding to attend!  Continue to make yourself ready.  Where you are weak, I am strong.  Rise, My Bride!  Your bridegroom cometh!
By Rachel Harwell
Don’t be intimidated to step out and take risks and you’ll see some amazing results. Doug Addison
If I am able to see you before your substance was formed in the womb and if I am able to know every one of your thoughts before you say them;
If I am able to shepherd you and fight for you and if I am able to know your pain and heal you so you know that I am there; if I am able to sanctify and provide for you; if I am able to give you peace and ever lasting love, then I am that I am.
By Renny Vega

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