The enemy may be trying his best to discourage you and shut you down, but you can get through and rise above these attacks by remembering that God has a destiny and purpose for you! Notice it was the Lord who gave John the instructions, “Come up here,” or rise above your current situation. Ask God to show you exactly how He would have you walk through the doors that are open for you. Watch for signs in nature and in the heavens that are pointing to the new things coming. Doug Addison
“I Will Show Myself Mighty”
Because I reign, saith the Lord, I rule and as I rule, I rule with justice and mercy and truth.  I reign in righteousness, not in lawlessness.  I will establish My laws and My ways will be made known.  Those who abide by My ways will be blessed forever.  Those who resist and strive against Me will not stand in My presence, nor will they know My blessing, nor will they know the good things that I have in store. 
For those who seek Me, adore Me, love Me and honor Me, I will show Myself mighty in their behalf and they will see the goodness of God.  They will see My mighty right hand deal with those who oppose the things of My Spirit, the things of love, the things of peace, the things of joy, the things of goodness.  I will show Myself mighty and I will stand up against those who think they are strong and mighty, or try to finagle and confuse My people, or who oppose the things of My Spirit that I have given to bring life to everyone.  They reject My life, they turn from My life, they turn from My ways and so, they will have the fruit of what they say and what they do.  
Those of you who turn to Me and put your trust in Me, you will never be ashamed.  You will never be confounded.  You will never have what they will experience, for you will only know the goodness and the kindness of My Spirit that I display to you daily. 
By Dr. Randy C. Brodhagen

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