No Finer Thing than Being with Him
 I rejoice in you as you come into My presence.  I have so many things that I have prepared for you, so many things for you to enjoy, and to find that your joy is in Me; in Me alone is your joy, everything else is temporary, it is passing.  Yes, I have prepared for you many, many good things that you know not of, things that I have prepared by My Spirit from above.  Things that this world does not even know or have a clue about.
There are things that I have prepared that come from My throne for those who wait upon Me, minister to Me and come into My presence.  Enjoy My presence, and draw near to Me boldly with full confident assurance of faith because you know that My blood was given for you, that you might come into My presence.  The veil has been torn in two.  Nothing divides Me from you.  Draw near to Me with boldness and confidence for I have made you holy.  I have made you righteous. 
You are Mine and My children rejoice in My presence.  They come and sit on My lap, enjoy Me, talk with Me, and share with Me and they listen and they learn.  They come to know that there is no finer thing than being with Me, for they learn to love Me and to know Me.  Those who know Me know that I love them with more than they can imagine or think and yes, I have prepared good things, good things for those who love Me and love My appearing. 
By Dr. Randy C. Brodhagen.
As you get through discouragement you will see God move mountains. Doug Addison

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