My people, the hour of trial has come upon you, to try you and great is your trial, for satan is cast down to you to try and bring about the greatest deception, the likes that have never been seen before. This time, this generation, will come swiftly to a close, to the end of days and until My wrath is poured out and finished.  You will be seen standing in awe and amazement at the time of trial. I know your works , the iniquity of those that can’t bear to listen or hear My words and therefore, you bring destruction and persecution to your own self for disobeying Me. My people work day in and day out, feeding their families and bringing money home to spend on materialistic objects of filthy garbage, My precious children destroy themselves for lack of knowledge and thus bringing calamity to their household. I can’t bear to see this, My children born of Me, looking for cars and Lamborghinis to ride in and know not that they are driving straight into satans worldly lusts of the flesh, to be seen as rich and high status, but you forget Me, not knowing My face who created you, who bought you with a price to save you and deliver you, but you were not willing to listen to Me.

Therefore, thus saith the Lord God Almighty, the first and the last, the beginning and the end, the Lord of lords and King of kings. I have waited 2000 years to be accomplished for the transgressions of the gentiles to come to a close, for your time to bewail Is nigh at hand, it is now here. Beloved children of God, this is not what I wanted for you but you would not listen to Me without this great shaking. Of what time would you have come to Me? Before this would happen? I wished that you would have turned from your wicked ways and sought Me out before it was too late, but you were not willing to be obedient.

Thus having said this unto you this day, I come quickly for My bride to be, for she will be with Me when this event takes place to try those of you that wouldn’t listen to Me, for millenniums have gone by in My lifetime to know you, but you would not hearken unto Me.

Therefore, thus saith the Lord God of Israel, mighty is My hand to correct you, for you to know who your Lord God Almighty is and was and is to come forth. By My hand alone will be the most trying time of your lives, to correct these things you refused to obey, to strengthen you by the wayside. For Me you are My great harvest, My time to take back what is rightfully Mine is come. Be blessed children, know that your father doeth these things for correction and not hate, for I despise the sin you commit unto Me day after day with no remorse for your father in heaven who watches over you and sees all that you do.

What you have become will have no place in heaven next to Me, you will be purged with fire to make you clean and acceptable unto the Lord your God Almighty, The First and the last, the beginning and the end, your King of Israel, your redeemer of all that is called holy, for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes on Him should not perish, but obtain eternal life.

Abstain from idols and wickedness, My child, for I am a jealous God who will tolerate your idolatry no longer. I come quickly, hold fast to what you have dear bride, your King is here waiting for you to be reconciled to Me, for the time has come to be made free from sin and corruption forever. Fear not, these words are true and faithful, wrought in God, the TRUE God of heaven and earth. Hold on to your coats, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.
By Crystal love4Jesus

God is going to give you wisdom and deeper understanding into people around you. Doug Addison


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