Be a positive influence today, and you will see an unusual outcome.  Doug Addison
The Lord Will Be Glorified
A Word from the Lord

For I say to you today that I am with you.  You have heard Me say that before, but realize that it is true, and that means that all things that are from Me will be able to come to you.  I personally bring them to you as I have given freely of Myself.  Now give freely of yourself to others that they might see the good works I cause and create within you.  Then I will be glorified in all that you say, all that you do and all that you think, saith the Lord.

For as you have received Me, I have received you.  My life is now within you.  You are not your own.  You have been bought with a price.  My precious blood was given, so don’t think twice about your life or anything that pertains to you.  I hold you in My hand and I guide your steps wherever you go throughout the land.  You are My lights, My chosen generation, My people throughout the earth who will rise up and show forth My works and I will be honored and I will be glorified in this earth.

For I come soon, I come very quickly, I come without notice, I come without alarm, understand that you need to be ready.  Have no fear in your heart, but be armed by My Spirit, saith the Lord, that you might deal with the works of darkness that will face you and confront you as you are about My business.  I will stand strong with you and you will lack for no good thing.  Be faithful to the end and receive the crown of life that I have promised to you and I will give to you personally when that time comes.
By Pastor Randy Brodhagen


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