You will see confirmations for the things God is speaking to you right now. Doug Addison

I am the source of blessing as you set your heart and mind on the things above.  You are risen with Christ, you are risen with Me and I will cause My blessing to come.  Do not think anything is too low for you to touch, for I came while you were low, and I made you high.  Even now My Spirit and My desire is to take those who are lowly and humble in heart that need a touch from God, and touch them through you.  Do not think anything or anyone is beneath you, for I have blessed and made all things high.

I am high and lifted up, I am not low and cast down.  You will not ever be low and cast down anymore as you put your trust in Me.  Be not high and lifted up in your own thinking, that it is you who has done it.  I am the Lord, I am your source and remember it is I who has done it.

The thief is low and lowly even now, for he thought he was high and lifted up in himself.  He forgot it was I who positioned him, and it was I who gave him all that he had.  Now he has lost it.  Be not like him, and do not listen to him, for he is low and getting lower.  I laugh, saith the Lord, at those who oppose Me, for I am the Lord and there is none like unto Me.  I have set you high and lifted up.  Remember what I have done for you, and give Me the praise, the glory, and the honor.

I will never leave you or forsake you.  No, I will always be there for you as I am now.  Be not afraid, and be not distressed.  Stir up the gift of God that I have placed within you.  Say, “Worry and fear, go.  Just go away from me.  I am more than a conqueror through My Lord.”

No, for I have forgiven and I have set a new course, a new plan and a new purpose for your life and for those around you, They will say, “It is good.  It is good what has begun.
It is good.  It is different.  It is new. It is good.  It is good.  It is good.”

For I do what I desire to do, saith the Lord and My Spirit will bring to pass things that will change your mind from former things and will make all things new. For that is what I desire. I desire freshness.  I desire newness. Newness, life, life, life. Life abundant, abundant, abundant life. Abundant life for you. Receive it.  Accept it.

Say, “I receive it.  I accept it.”  Know, know, it is true.  It is true.  It is true for you.  It is true.  For the former things have no power, No power, no power.

For I am the one that has done these things for you. Realize, accept, understand and allow Me to direct the future as I would do, as I would desire.
By Ps. Randy Brodhagen


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