There are things in your life that are regrettable, things that you wish had been different. But wishing will not erase what was. Set your sight on doing your best to move forward with determination to fulfill your spiritual and natural purpose. And do not look back.

Psalm 20:4 May He grant you according to your heart’s desire and fulfill all your purpose.

Message received: August 18th, 2021 – August 21st 2021

Lo, I come quickly, at the very door, but, My bride must witness some things. (He is saying this to me, referring to you) Reach out to them one last time before she is taken to the wilderness/hiding place.

Speak to My people – encourage them, tell them I love them no matter WHAT!!!

Many are broken. (My question to Jesus…why?). His answer: “They do not know Me”. They come to church, go through their routine and go home until the following week. This is not how I do church. They are wrong. They are in sin. They follow a man instead of Me.

I will send warnings, then calamity until the birthing process is finished. Do not fear anything that comes. I will provide the way of escape. There is no evil that has power over you. Then I asked Him if there was anything else to share – He said yes.

Tell them I love them again. Keep telling them. They do not believe a good God would leave them here to experience this. I say My ways are not your ways. Many times you will have to use your belief to push yourself through the chaos. This is called the refiner’s fire. This is in preparation for the kingdom to come.

Then I asked Him more questions. I hear many say I did not choose this. I do not want to battle or fight this fight. This is not my war. I had nothing to do with Adam-and-Eve. What do You say to this?

Answer – My children, this is why a relationship with Me is important. Learn about Me, learn to hear My voice. How? Repent, get the pet sins out of your lives. Are you watching TV shows that promote situations which go against My Word? If so, you are in sin. You approve of sin because you watch. Get the sin out of your life. When you are walking righteously before Me we can have that unique, intimate relationship which affords these conversations.

Adam-and-Eve represent humanity. They were My creation. They failed. Each man has the right to succeed or fail. It is up to you. If you want nothing to do with the war, choose Me, then you will not turn into a casualty of it. Salvation is My creation. This is a gift. Why is it so hard for you to accept a gift that is beyond good? Why do you continue to choose evil over good? You say I cannot help it. I say yes, you can. You are not cleaning up your thought life because of the evil you allow to come through sight or conversation.

You will be attacked by choosing Me. But, your end is death and destruction if you choose satan.

I love each and every one of you. I have equipped you with all that you need to succeed. You have to take action. Sitting there doing nothing will get you nothing. Take action. I will meet you where you are. No one is too filthy in their sin. That is why I sacrificed My life for you. You are worth it, you are worth every nail, every drop of blood, every mock and scoff. I know this all seems very complicated. My ways are not yours. Do not assume anything. Allow Me to tell you 1 on 1.

Endure to the end, even the weariest can endure to the end. Take your want from your category of words and replace it with do. I have sped up time to roll out fulfillment of My Word and My coming. Not much time left. But, a lot will be coming at this world. Listen to Me, not man and his antics.

Peace to each of you.
Love, Jesus, Jehovah Jirah

Romans 10:13
Psalms 18:1-3
Isaiah 1:16-20
Colossions 3:5-6
Hebrews 10:26-31
Jeremiah 11:11-12
Luke 12:35-38

September 7, 2021. This is a good day, a day to remember. God has blessed you. You have given Him credit and He will bless you even more. Keep doing what you are doing and even increase what you are doing. You will see more blessings. This is not you working hard so He will bless. This is you doing what He says and He blesses. You aren’t setting out to be an example, but nevertheless you are. Keep on doing this.

1 Samuel 15:22 (MLB) “Samuel then said, “Does the LORD delight as much in burnt offerings and in sacrifices as in obeying the LORD’S voice? See! Obedience is better than sacrifice and to listen than the fat of rams.” Bev Robinson

September 7, 2021. I have given you a very important task. It is important for everyone you meet, but especially important for those who are closest to you. There are those around you who are deserving of honor and recognition for the way in which their character is exhibited in their lives. I encourage you to take a moment to consider those who have impacted your life in a positive way. Take an opportunity to say thank you.

Romans 12:10 (AMP) “Love one another with brotherly affection [as members of one family], giving precedence and showing honor to one another.” Jonas Bohlin


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