Mount up and go higher, no longer be earthbound, no longer be troubled by the circumstances that you are walking through. Do not be troubled by those things that come against you, for I have given you power over all the work of the enemy and over every circumstance that you will find yourself in. So, be encouraged even in this moment that I am with you. I will never leave you or forsake you. I will lead you, guide you and anoint you so that you will have victory.

When you are uncertain and in a quandary about what to do, quiet your soul and come before Me. Ask for direction and I will give it. Ask for peace and I will provide it. Come in belief and be assured that you are not alone. Seek Me and you will find Me.

Matthew 6:33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you.

December 28, 2021

Daughter, I AM in your corner. I AM right here. You do feel My presence. Every tear, every feeling of conviction is Me; My Spirit in you. Daughter, I AM for you, never ever against you child. You are my precious jewel and though you don’t see the value of you, I do. I see a perfect child who I have reared up these many years. I have been your Father, your Teacher, your Counsellor, your Guidance, your Rock, your Deliverer, your Healer, your Shoulder, your Bridegroom. I AM your everything and I will never leave you; never ever. Do you understand? You are Mine and I AM yours and though you feel far from Me, I AM always close to you. This world and all it’s distractions, all it’s noise, all the goings’ on, keeps you preoccupied, keeps you busy with worldliness, and you lose sight of My closeness very easily. Daughter, you are not last in the class, not the bottom of the barrel, not first place, but you are not as bad off as you may think or feel. You are always willing to try, you are always sorry when you offend Me or anyone else, you are always wanting only My will, you more often than not, consider others before yourself. I will complete what I started. I AM God, who is perfect; therefore, I do not make anything into imperfection but when I take the clay, I mould it into what I see for it and it becomes a perfect and beautiful masterpiece. This has been a good lesson for you; I know you have learned a lot about yourself these past few days. Life always gives the teachings we need to be able to learn from it. Take what was good from it and leave the bad behind, continuing to move forward. I know you are worried about what is ahead for you daughter and this month coming, all I will ask of you is: be ready to walk out that door. I know that letting go of your last few possessions (all you have left in this world) is scary and that you fear being abandoned come month end. But I AM not a man that I can lie. I AM Alpha and Omega and there is no lie in Me; only truth; and I tell you the truth, the new leg of your fruit packed journey is about to begin. So, I ask you to rest in Me; trust in Me and see what I will do for you to move forward and step into the very calling I have placed on your life. Take this month (January) to really dig deep, press in like never before; pray, warfare, intercede, FAST and you will come to see, hear and feel all I AM about to show you. Trust in your Papa for I have you in My hand and in My heart.

Ps. Please share this with My children for many need to hear it.

January 8, 2022. Another new challenge has arisen. You are thinking it would be okay if the challenges were good ones, but these are trying your resolve. You think, “So what do I do now?” Do not do anything immediately. Seek Me about what to do. Wait on Me. Have I not shown you with the other challenges? I will do the same with this one, but you must continue waiting. The timing is almost as important as the solution.

“Wait for the LORD; Be strong and let your heart take courage; yes, wait for the LORD.”   Bev Robinson

January 8, 2022. Death is a sure thing. I want you to stop thinking negatively about it, for it is precious to Me. Death is the vehicle through which forever and eternity come. Death, yes, is separation, but it is not eternal separation. Life is but for a moment here on earth and it is death that ushers you on to your next assignment. There is much to do in eternity. Begin to change your thoughts about death and celebrate eternal life.

Psalm 116:15 “Precious in the sight of Jesus is the death of His saints.”   Robin Robinson Bohlin


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