As you come to Me in this season I will bring forth the true manifestation of My nature in you. I will bring you to a place of understanding that your citizenship in heaven has already been established. I will enlighten you and carry you into My purposes and into the glory of the kingdom. I say come! Rise up! Come to Me and into the power of My anointing. Let My glory overshadow you. Let it be a covering over you and let it remain upon you until the fullness of it manifests.
You are embarking on a new phase of existence and spiritual understanding is vital to your well-being. If you will quiet your inside chatter and listen, I will give you wisdom and instruction. You cannot hear My voice unless you take control of your thoughts and emotions. I want to be able to lead, guide, direct and protect you. Be calm and yield to My leading. 
Psalm 131:2 Surely I have calmed and quieted my soul, like a weaned child with his mother; like a weaned child is my soul within me.
Jan. 26, 2022
By Words to His Bride

The Father says:
“Before the beginning of time, I chose you to be My Child.  You have what Enoch, Abraham and David only dreamed of having.  Though they walked closely with Me, you can walk with Me in ways they only dreamed of.  You see, because of what My Son Jesus did on the Cross for you, I now see you exactly as I see Him.  That is because I placed you IN HIM when you believed.  I accept you JUST AS MUCH as I accept My Son Jesus and love you JUST AS MUCH as I love My Son Jesus (John 17:23) because you are now INSIDE of My Son Jesus.  I FULLY accept Him, therefore, I also fully accept you.  My Face ALWAYS shines on Him, therefore, My Face always shines on you.

There is no greater blessing than to be IN HIM and that blessing is now yours. There is NO HIGHER LEVEL of acceptance than being IN HIM.  I want you to awaken to this truth. You walk in the SAME level of acceptance that those in Heaven walk in.  That is because your citizenship IS in Heaven (Phil 3:20), even though you are walking on the earth.

So you will soon walk in levels of joy beyond what you have ever thought possible.  In My Presence is FULLNESS OF JOY and My Presence lives IN YOU. When you awaken to what this really means, My Joy will flood your life in ways you never imagined. Every blessing of Heaven is now yours.  And soon, you will fully realize what that really means.

I intend for Heaven to be FULLY VISIBLE in your life and My Son’s Bride will make Heaven fully visible to those on earth. When My Son’s Bride awakens to all that is hers, she will be the witness I always intended for her to be.

What Moses could NOT see, you CAN see, because I created a new heart in you and with the eyes of your new heart, you can now behold My Face, even though it is as through a glass darkly.  My Word, Jesus, not only opens physical eyes, but My Word, Jesus, also opens spiritual eyes.  

My Word is alive and as you fill your heart with My Word by speaking it into your heart, My Word will begin to do many things in your heart.  One of them is to open your spiritual eyes, so you can see Me.  And as My Word, with My Spirit, work in your heart, you will begin to see My Face more and more clearly.  The more clearly you can see My Face, the more clearly others will see My Face when they look at you. Stephen clearly saw into Heaven before he became a martyr, so you too will clearly see into Heaven and be My witness. Stephen’s very appearance was transformed when He beheld My Face as He saw into Heaven. Stephen saw My Face CLEARLY and his face shined like that of an angel. So too will your faces shine as you behold My Glory.  No man will be able to argue against it.  You will clearly display the truth of the Gospel, for it is the Gospel alone that causes My Glory to be seen on earth on My people. You will be living testaments to the truth of the Gospel, as My Glory is seen upon your faces and in your lives.”

“My Bride must make herself ready. Every Bride looks in a mirror to make herself ready.  The Mirror My Bride must look in to make herself ready is My Word. As you allow My Word to work in your heart, as you speak My Word into your heart and plant the seed of My Word in your heart, you will begin to see My Face more and more clearly.  One day, you will clearly see My Face as you receive your new bodies.  But even before then, you can see My Face clearer than you have ever imagined possible, when you allow My Word to do its work in your heart.  For My Word IS Light and the more of My Word in your heart, the more My Light fills your heart and the more of My Light in your heart, the more you can see WITH your heart.  The more clearly My Bride can see My Face, the more My Bride will shine with My Glory, before I return, My Glory SHALL BE CLEARLY SEEN ON MY BRIDE!  For in THIS Generation, this Scripture shall be fulfilled Isaiah 60:1-3 – “Arise, shine, for your light has come and the glory of the Lord rises upon you. See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you and His glory appears over you. Nations will come to your light and kings to the brightness of your dawn.”


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