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    There are a wide record of dragons in the game Dragon City Cell phone and this section will report all of often the dragons available in typically the mobile versions only.
    dragon city breeding has been about Myspace for quite a although but we may not document Twitter dragons that cannot be obtained through the mobile gadgets.

    Inside the documents beneath you will learn tips on how to dog the dragons as well as the statistics for each dragon present in Dragon City Mobile. Please keep in mind that will this does not contain facebook version.

    How To Get Moon Dragon

    High Malicious Dragon + Sad Dragon

    Precious Dragon + Wastelander Dragon

    Lizard Dragon + Fairy Dragon

    Warlock Dragon + Draek Dragon

    Harvest Dragon + Reaper Dragon

    How To Breed Rainbow Dragon

    Droconos Dragon + Werewolf Dragon

    Kooky Dragon + Touchdown Dragon

    Drainbow Dragon + Lazarbeam Dragon

    Rocket Dragon + Childish Dragon

    Mime Dragon + Tribal Dragon

    How To Get Notus Dragon

    Summerfly Dragon + Specter Dragon

    Freezox Dragon + Berserk Dragon

    Atlas Dragon + Deep Red Dragon

    Burglar Dragon + Sailer Dragon

    Dolphin Dragon + Zodiac Libra Dragon

    How To Get Zephyrus Dragon

    Adamantium Dragon + Cloudberry Dragon

    Hell Twin Dragon + Mirage Dragon

    New Dawn Dragon + Red Egg Dragon

    Frostscale Dragon + Hedgehog Dragon

    Sportive Dragon + Ice Bullet Dragon

    How To Get Gummy Dragon

    Pure Dark Dragon + Kitty Dragon

    Fallen Angel Dragon + Bone Dragon

    Gelatin Dragon + Blossom Dragon

    Zombie Nature Dragon + Dandelion Dragon

    Aztec Priest Dragon + Depth Dragon


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