God is calling us away from idle arguments and divisions and to focus our efforts on His agenda and things that matter the most. There are answers coming to you for things that you have been waiting on for a very long time.  Doug Addison
By Lana Vawser
This word I felt was for those who have been in the “wings of the waiting” and have faced deep disappointment, trial, turbulence, opposition and darkness in the midst of their waiting.
I heard the Lord say, “The WINDS of ACCELERATION are meeting you in the WINGS OF WAITING.”
I felt the Lord’s heart so strongly for those who have been in the place of waiting and have wrestled with such deep darkness over the prophetic word and promise the Lord has given them. I saw many of these ones faithfully continuing to sow into others breakthrough amidst the deep pain, disappointment and opposition they have faced in the journey with their own promise.
I heard the Lord say, “Faithful ones, as you have sowed into others breakthrough – DOUBLE is now coming to you!!!!”
I saw miraculous turnarounds. I saw overnight miracles. I saw acceleration in the breakthrough. I saw the REWARD of God falling upon the faithful. God is going to release upon you more than you have ever imagined and it’s going to be glorious.
I heard the Lord say, “It is going to be greater than you can imagine; bigger than you have expected. Where you have faced pain and heartache, and continued to sow into others, now you will reap a reward DOUBLE what you have asked for.”
“It’s TIME for your PROMISE TO ARRIVE! It is TIME for your PROMISE TO ARRIVE!!!! You will not be disappointed. You will not be left behind. You will not be overlooked. You will rise above now on the WINDS of acceleration as you have been in the wings of waiting. There is place of promises fulfilled within My heart that you are about to find, where you will see the banner of My faithfulness LIFTED HIGH!”
“Many of you have faced trial upon trial and storm upon storm, yet your hearts have remained towards Me. You have remained faithful to Me. You have lifted your hands in praise. You have poured out and poured out, remaining faithful to what I have asked of you, and you have moved My heart. You have moved My heart with your YES and your yieldedness. Now your heart shall be moved by the TABLE I HAVE SET BEFORE YOU. Not only shall you receive your hearts desire and promise but MORE than you have asked Me for. Anything the enemy meant for your harm, I have turned for your good and now you shall see the FRUIT of My turning. I am now about to demonstrate that I am the all knowing, all powerful God and I am about to reveal My plans and do what only I can do. It’s time for your promise to arrive! I am about to reward your faithfulness, as you have sowed and sowed into others breakthrough, you are now about to enter a land of FULLNESS and OVERFLOWING HARVEST.”
JOEL 2:21
I heard the Lord say Joel 2:21, “Don’t be afraid, My people. Be glad now and rejoice, for the LORD has done great things.”
In Joel 2, the land had been devastated by locusts, but the Lord decrees a REVERSAL and RESTORATION.
I felt the Lord decreeing Joel 2:21 over you faithful ones, that your time of GLADNESS and REJOICING is upon you as you decree in the DOUBLE being released to you, “THE LORD HAS DONE GREAT THINGS”.
It’s your turn! Things are about to turn!
“Deliverance is Coming – He is Breaking Through!”
Victoria Boyson
Our Father says, “This will be a season in which I will convince you of My power and My love for you!”
The Father tells me we can trust completely that He is in control. No matter how things look, how shaky things can appear, no matter what things look like…understand that God is in it. God has assured me that He will not be content with business as usual. He wants a revolution.
Watch as He uncovers evil and brings it to the attention of the world. He’s uncovering things that have been hidden for some time. They’ve planned to undermine Him and plan our destruction…BUT GOD! God has known about it all along, so do not despair, because HE IS THE ONE UNCOVERING IT.
He wants to start a revolution. It takes a lot to do that, so rejoice when it appears that the enemy has won and the Church has been abandoned. God loves us and HE WILL NOT abandon us. Determine in your heart that no matter what you see, you will not fear, but you will stand with Him and TRUST in His plan for restoration to come to us.
God says, “I am in it! And when I am in it, I am in it to win it!”
No matter how things look, He will not stop until our enemy is completely uncovered and uprooted. He will not let things lay half done. He will complete the work He began in this world. He will shake it and the enemy will not even see it coming.
The Father has baited our enemy. He’s made it seem to them that He does not see what they are doing. They are convinced they will get away with what they’re trying to do, but it’s all a trap. He wants to uncover the good in men’s hearts. He wants justice: full, complete and reliable justice. And He wants vindication for the innocent. Justice is not complete without vindication, is it?
He is invading every area of life: Church, government and our hearts. He desires that we see and learn that even the impossible is possible with Him. He says, “You are Mine and I take care of My own.”
He will uncover, recover and restore and it starts now. Anticipate the evidence of His hand on your life. Give Him your whole heart. Declare that He alone is your Lord and you take orders only from Him. Walk boldly in increased vision and trust in Him. He is truly worthy of your trust.
“When He looked at her, Beloved felt overwhelmed by the power of His unspeakable love.”
You are bold and unstoppable Kingdom-warriors! You will take territory for Him and your heritage will be the spoils of the wars. You will climb mountains and destroy wickedness in high places because your God is Who He’s said He is and He can be trusted to work miracles through you!
Fear nothing – trust God! I am praying for you!
Love and blessing,
Victoria Boyson

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