I had a vision of the Lord with a feather duster in His hand.  He would go up to a person and begin to dust them off.  He spoke and said, “I am going to remove the defilement which has been placed upon people through unbelief.  And, I will get rid of that debris so they can be free to have faith again for that which I am going to do in their lives.  So, allow Me to cleanse you and remove the residue of failure and stigma that  comes upon you because of past failures.  Allow Me to do this work this day so that you can be renewed in spirit and faith to receive all that I am doing on your behalf.”
In a vision I was shaking hands with a man, and as soon as I touched him I knew he was a really bad guy.  He knew he had been discovered because I saw him for who he was instead of who he wanted to portray.  And, I heard the Lord say, “I want you to practice discernment so that you know good from evil in every situation and circumstance.”
Hebrews 5:14 But solid food belongs to those who are of full age, that is, those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.
God can use your past experiences, both painful and good, to help people. God has given you the gift of your life experiences. Who you are and what you’ve gone through is important and there is power in your testimony! God is drawing you closer than you could imagine and making Himself real to you.  Doug Addison
October 30, 2017. Something you thought was impossible will soon be happening. You could see no way this could be and didn’t even try to believe Me for it. When you realize this will be, don’t entertain any unbelief, no matter the opposing circumstances. I have engineered events and have been waiting for someone to believe. Someone has now heard Me and will soon declare a breakthrough. Get on board, follow step by step and watch the blessings begin to flow.
Isaiah 30:21 (AMP) “And your ears will hear a word behind you, saying, this is the way; walk in it, when you turn to the right hand and when you turn to the left.”  Bev Robinson
October 30, 2017Have you ever considered the Bible as a love letter written to you? Have you considered writing a love letter in return? It does not have to be a page after page manuscript. Tell Me how much you love and appreciate Me because I love you so much. I am not looking for proper grammar or perfect sentence structure. I would cherish reading a heartfelt letter of affection written to Me. Why not try?
2 Corinthians 3:17 (NLT) “For the Lord is the Spirit, and wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”  Kevin Robinson
October 30, 2017. The shift is happening now! You might feel as though you are losing your balance but your equilibrium will stabilize. Just as you move your weight from one foot to another, so shall the spiritual weight be shifted. The days ahead will be intense, but the shift is happening so that My glory will be spread throughout the earth. The destructive powers will be harnessed and My glory will be evident to all who want to see!
Exodus 10:19 (NASB) “So the Lord shifted the wind to a very strong west wind which took up the locusts and drove them into the Red Sea; not one locust was left in all the territory of Egypt.”  Robin Robinson Bohlin

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