You are entering into a new season and time in which things are going to come together more easily.  Doug Addison
November 11, 2017. Be at peace. You are comparing your gifts with the gifts of others. I have made you unique. Others are also unique. Remain at peace. Be who you are and enjoy who you are. This is the way I made you. It’s okay to want to grow but keep your desires in line with what and who I want you to be. This is not complacency. When you are at peace, this is when you can grow.
Colossians 3:15 (NIV) “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.”  Bev Robinson
November 11, 2017Dreams, those generally night time events that fascinate you, quite often leave you a bit puzzled at their meaning and significance. At times you clearly see the meaning and at other times you see in part. Throughout Scripture, dreams have been an effective way for Me to convey My ideas, thoughts and plans to individuals. Though your dreams may include other persons, on many occasions those people reflect a part of yourself. Ask Me for revelation.
Daniel 7:1 (NIV) “In the first year of Belshazzar king of Babylon, Daniel had a dream, and visions passed through his mind as he was lying in bed. He wrote down the substance of his dream.”  Kevin Robinson
November 11, 2017. I am the Judge. I have not appointed you the Judge. There will come a time when all will be judged by Me. At the appointed time, I will judge everything hidden and everything evident in your hearts. Can this be a good thing? Yes! I know your heart is to love Me and serve Me. It will please Me to reveal to all people everywhere what is in your heart. Continue to love Me and praise Me.
1 Corinthians 4:5 (NASB) “Therefore do not go on passing judgment before the time, but wait until the Lord comes who will both bring to light the things hidden in the darkness and disclose the motives of men’s hearts; and then each man’s praise will come to him from God.”  Jonas Bohlin

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