Our enemy is not other people, but the demonic powers and forces that are trying to divide us. Expect to see a sudden change in the hearts and attitudes of people around you. Doug Addison
Nov. 17, 17
They already know who you are – this is all believers – anyone who is doing You Tube stuff talking about Jesus Christ – this AI (Artificial Intelligence)- this huge matrix of a machine – they already know who you are. Do not be troubled about this knowledge.  I will provide. I will take care of all who are truly Mine.  There is nowhere to hide from this system of the beast. It will be world-wide; terror on all sides – a war-like battlefield – daily against My human race.  Destruction will take place.  
Satan will have his created race living among the human race. It is of the most importance that you examine yourselves spiritually and know where you stand.  This will be brother against sister, mother against father.  Remember these Scriptures.  I have given warning of what was to come before the end of this kingdom.  Everything is written in the book – My Holy Word.  Another Scripture will I speak… Those who endure to the end will I give a place to rest their weary head. I will wipe away every tear and no more sickness will appear – no more death, just time of rest – John the apostle, My truest prophet, visions did he receive, words written down so you would not be deceived, but come to believe in Me -the one and only true God. 
You are My creation and free in Me – do not fear him who once killing the body cannot do anything else – for that is all that can happen. Just do not foolishly die in unrepentant sin, for you will not enter into My kingdom.  All is coming and it will unfold very fast – this technology will be finally released.  Shamefully and ever so sadly many will be led to slaughter as a sacrifice to satan, the beast – a deceiver – a liar to the whole world – he will bring in the antichrist – it is his time in history – nothing has ever been so deceiving as this will be – for people will go on about their every day business gladly accepting this new world system. 
You, however, I am speaking to all are found in sin and disbelief at My coming – you will come to your senses, but only to find yourselves doing your best to survive.  All who are not found worthy at My coming will run – you will be on the constant and endless run from danger – food and water and any necessities will not be at your reach for you will not accept the mark of the beast – for those who repent a little too late – Some of you will be taken into captivity – a prison like camp atmosphere. You will be told conform or be killed – stay strong, not relenting in your faith or belief, for on the other side of this life is waiting eternity with Me, your king. 
I love you all so deeply I did not plan this demise, but Satan is allowed from the time of the fall to pursue you throughout all past generations. He is able to lure you by and through his devices. He has enticed so many souls to sin. His desire is to win, one way or another.  He never had the attitude ‘why bother’. He just wants to steal, kill and destroy.  This is and always has been his ultimate goal.  Don’t sell out to him. Don’t give him place of authority. Just remember, in everything, I shelter all who are Mine until My coming. 
To remain awake, you must become more spiritually-minded than human-minded. You are My church, My bride I will take you in the rise of this evil. It is not strange that you feel the change. Your world is in a lot of danger at the hands of your greatest enemy, satan. Pray and seek Me. Pray that you be found worthy, living and abiding in Me. This is not a time to hide trying to stay under the radar. You must speak about and of Me.  As crazy as all this AI business sounds, I tell you, it is here – not in the distant future – it is now and sooner than you think, you’ll be surrounded by this system of the antichrist. 
Come unto Me, one and all while I can still be found. Some left behind will survive by going underground.  Be found worthy instead, call upon Me now, pressing against satan, so you aren’t faced with taking a mark – remember as Scripture says all whose names are not written in the Lamb’s book of life will worship the beast and all who refuse will be killed.  It is so much easier now to just ask for forgiveness. It is granted freely to all who ask. 
It is given and you can rest in Me, knowing where you’ll spend all eternity – but refuse this kind offer and you will be put to the test, finding little to no rest. Every day and every night things will get worse and worse. I promise the worst day ever on earth thus far does not compare to the despair that will soon befall your nations. I am tugging at your heart. Please invite Me in and refuse to follow the man of sin. Evil and wickedness are his, but he will never win.  It is time to stand and fight the good fight of faith. 
This is the time of My appearing. All Mine will be cheering. Rejoice, My children, this day and pray that you might hear My voice. I am leading you and I am providing. I am pouring out of My Holy Spirit.  You must be born of My Holy Spirit to enter in. A transformation of the corruptible to the incorruptible will take place for all found in My all-time saving grave, you will look upon My face. Pray, pray saints, pray, pray without ceasing, for evil is increasing, little by little your world is fading. This is satan’s time to reign as the beast. 
Sister Mary, God’s Handmaiden

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