Letting go of the old will clear the way for the new things God is bringing to you. Doug Addison
Message from the Lord Jesus received on Sunday, 12/17/17 @ 9:15am – 9:30am.
“Yes daughter, many are waiting on baited breathe for Me to come and get you. I love this, as I love you all. It won’t be long now, but may be longer than you think. Some believe it is any day now and it won’t be much longer. Keep looking for Me. Stay ready! It is nearly time. All is ready and I long to be with you also. You are My Bride: those of you who are ready. 
Keep trying to help the rest to get ready too. They are the guests. Many of them will come with us. Many of My children are crying out to Me to forgive them, to take them home and I will. But, so many are still not ready. Too many of My “born again” children are stubborn, prideful, unforgiving and are still content with this world just the way it is. They need more refinement. They are not ready. Most of them will not listen. They are hard-hearted and refuse to listen to My messengers. I know you love them, but they will repent. They will get ready. Pray for them, but do not worry about them. I know what each of them needs. I know what it will take to reach them. And reach them I will. Satan cannot have those who are Mine. They will end up here and then we will all be together.
Yes, there are some who will never make it. They have committed the unforgivable sin. Too many will not believe that My Holy Spirit still works in My children and they DO state that “this is of the devil!” I have said it before, I will say it again: blasphemy against My Father and I is forgivable, but NOT the blasphemies against My Holy Spirit. 
Have Faith; keep believing that I AM coming! I will call for you soon. And then there will be no more travail for you! I love you My Bride, My chosen ones, those who love Me enough to desire to be with Me. I love you so very much! Be encouraged this day. We will be together soon!
This is your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ speaking. I AM the Alpha and the Omega, The First and the Last and your soon coming King. Believe it and REJOICE!”
Jeannie Hardesty
Dec. 22, 17
My daughter, write My Words for those with ears to hear. My children how much of your focus is on your own sin, as opposed to being on Me? When you focus on your sin, your focus is on yourself. It is a clever deception put forth by the enemy and it directly impedes My crucifixion of your flesh. If you somehow think you can remain sin free by your own power, you are deceived, for it takes My power through the Holy Spirit, Ruah ha’Qodesh on the inside of you to change your desires. You can certainly pray for Me to change habits and remove addictions from your body; but when you try on your own to change yourself, I promise, you will fail and fall. 
This is who the Holy Spirit is. He is a sculptor who whittles away the darkness’s in your heart. Sometimes He removes these pieces of darkness all at once. Other times He works very slowly and methodically to mold and shape your heart. The more focus you put upon changing yourself for Me, the longer it will take for the Holy Spirit to truly make changes within you. Focus on My finished work, My children, not on your failures. 
Many men falsely teach that you must make yourself presentable to Me. No, My children, I have already, through My shed blood on the cross, made you presentable to My Father. My Word teaches that My Holy Spirit is your Helper, yet so many refuse His help and attempt to achieve sin free living in the power of their own flesh. This is impossible, My children. For only with the bright light of My Holy Spirit can a child be made new. Attempting this in your flesh is fruitless and prideful. 
Walking back into the world is what many do when they feel they can never live up to this imaginary sinlessness. They fail so constantly that they give up. This is because there is absolutely no power to flee from sin in your flesh. Sin is a part of you. You are a part of a fallen creation and only through My Holy Spirit can My righteousness become a part of you. If you continue to allow the enemy to draw you into battle against the desires of your flesh alone, you will lose every time. Call upon My Holy Spirit to fill you to overflowing. The Holy Spirit is your victory, for your flesh will never win. It cannot. 
The vines in the vineyard stand silent, yet they are carefully pruned and tended by a planter. The winds blow them and they bend, and their dead leaves are removed by that wind. They have no power in their own right to prune themselves. But that is up to the hands of the Pruner. 
The sculptor starts with a lump of clay. The clay in its own power has no ability to take shape. But the sculptor must carefully shape and mold it into the vessel in which He desires. He also may choose to add colors and make it attractive to the eye. But still in that, it started as a simple lump of clay. 
Do not grow impatient with yourself in your failures, for remaining focused on your sin is nothing but self pride. Do you see, My children, you are just a lump of clay, a vine awaiting pruning? You have no power in your own authority to change and only when you give up on yourself, can My hand shape you and remove your dead fruit. 
I implore you My children, allow the power of My Holy Spirit to be the force of change that sanctifies your heart. You can in no way be righteous without My Holy Spirit and unless your fruit is produced through Him, it is dead and your good works are as filthy rags. Allow Me to crucify your flesh daily, My children and to empty you of yourself for there is zero holiness within you and it is not your own righteousness, but Mine. I love you My children. Yahushua ha’Mashiaḥ

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