It will be good to listen closely as God reveals to you guidance and correction of your course. Doug Addison
Beneath and below are not where I am. 
For I am risen.  I am risen, I am risen indeed. 
I have succeeded and I will succeed. 
So will you this day.  So will you, so will you, so will you. 
Why do You keep saying, “So will you?” 
If I will keep saying it, so you will.  You will succeed. 
Losers do not have success within them.  They do not understand. They do not think they will ever succeed.
I have succeeded; therefore, I have made you a success.  
You are in Me and I am in you.
But those who put their trust in the Living God
The King of kings, the Lord of lords
He will come on HIs saving wings
And He will save those who are in the time of need.
They who are troubled, those who are disdained
Those who are persecuted, those who are suffering
Those who are infirmed will hear and see the deliverance of the Lord.
And with Him, He brings life, peace, joy, happiness, salvation, and healing in His wings.
For things will be spoken before they happen 
Things will be spoken before they occur 
For the Spirit of the Lord knows what the people will endure 
And He knows whether they will stand or they will fall 
And He gives strength to all who call, 
Who call upon the name of the living God. 
Idols will have nothing to say 
For they cannot speak, they are in the way 
They hinder.  They hinder  They hinder all 
For they cannot do anything. 
There is nothing to them. 
And those who put their trust in such things will fall 
For they can do nothing, nothing at all.
P​astor Randy Brodhagen
Glory to God Ministries, Intn’l​

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