Watch for God to bring new assignments that are going to be fun and exciting. Doug Addison
I Will Cause My Blessing to Come
When temptations come, say, “No, in Jesus’ name, wrong one.  I will not permit or allow what is not of God.  I will not allow it within me.  I will not allow it to have power over me.  I will not follow the way that is not of God.”  You must speak it boldly, for otherwise it will have power over you, and you will not resist.  You will give in.  It will twist and distort your thoughts, your mind, your faith, and your being.  That is what it was sent to do, that you might not succeed.  Destroy that work.  Do not permit, tolerate, or listen to it, for it is not of Me.  I will show you what to do.
For in quietness and confidence your strength shall be
For I am the Lord Who comforts thee.
Don’t turn to the right or turn to the left
These are distractions, I’ll show you what’s best.
Call to Me, saith the Lord.

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