I hear the Lord saying that this is an issue of trust. If you trust in Me with all of your heart; if you’ll walk with Me from this day forward I will bring you in to the glorious light of the day that you live in. And, I will reveal the essence of the times and seasons that you dwell in. Will I not lead you on the paths of righteousness; the paths of safety; the paths that take you higher than you have ever been before? Will I not be with you in these last days, says the Lord? Not only will I be with you, but I have chosen you to live your life in these times because the glory of My church shall shine ever brighter, and you will be a part of that. I have chosen you because you have determination. You’ve been through some things and you have not given up. You’ve walked with Me in times that were troubling. You had to walk away from people who did not think like you did or believe like you did, and you made your choices for Me over and over again. I will honor those choices and bring you in to the glory of this day, says the Lord God.
There are many things that take away My peace from My people like cravings, desires, discontent, pride, pride of life, thinking on other things, lust of other things, wanting other things. Then My peace goes away. Many have never had My peace, for they have never sought Me with all their hearts. They just added Me to all the things in the toy chest of their hearts. But I am more. I am more than all those things which I give to you. I am more.
I say unto you this day: I have entered into your house, and I am there. I will take out everything that does not belong to Me, saith the Lord. I will cleanse. I will remove all that hinders and all that has been instilled within you that has sought to take over and control. I will break its power, and it will be removed. It has no place, it has no rule, for I am the Lord your God, and I stand against all that does not stand for Me. I stand against it. Nothing will stand in My presence that is not of Me. I will remove and destroy That which has consumed and has sought to destroy. I will take it away, and it will not employ Its curse any more. I, the Lord your God, have spoken, I have said it and I will do it. I stand against all that stands against Me. Nothing will stand against Me. It will all bow to Me, for I am the Lord and there is none like unto Me. Those weapons formed will not prosper. They will be broken. That which was intended for war will be turned to a weapon of peace and blessing. All strife and striving will cease. In Jesus’ name I have done this.
By Pastor Randy Brodhagen

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