My child, as you await My coming, have you done everything in your power to tell of My gospel? Have you shrunk back because you’re afraid, or tired to tell your uncle, cousin, or father of My love.. because they do not listen? Are you ready to stand by and watch them get cast into the lake of fire? Are you satisfied with your efforts? I ask you who sit in your comfortable churches, helping only those whom you know are saved, sticking to your doctrines of men and simply turning your backs, shunning them because they weren’t as righteous as you.

Shame on you, you hypocrites who are clean on the outside but behind closed doors you sin just like the rest. I have grown tired of your prayers that ask Me for more blessings and abundance, when you have plenty but choose to ignore My children whom are homeless and mentally ill due to traumas in their lives. Instead you judge them as you drive by justifying in your heads that they are simply drunkards and lazy, not stopping to ask about their story. These are the ones who need the most help. Have you not contemplated My Scriptures when I say that those whom you have clothed or fed, are the least in your kingdom… and if you have clothed and fed them, that you have done the same unto Me? Do you think that you are going to waltz into heaven and expect Me to be happy? I have given you gifts to spread to the world, to the hurting, and the lost… yet you choose to stay in your cliques, your social groups, and relax, saying in your mind that, “I have done enough. Away with the wicked, I am sick of looking at them. They simply disgust me for I am chosen and special as an anointing has been poured upon my life as I await the return of the Lord.”

Little do you know that all this was a test to see if you would help the least and come out of your comfort zone for just a minute and quit looking at yourself and your clean house, car, and bank account which flows over… thinking that I have blessed you beyond measure. Not knowing that I did this for a reason… to see if you would act as My disciples of old did…giving everything they had to follow Me.

Are you happy with yourself justifying everything in your mind to dismiss this message, which is hard to hear? This servant who writes this has lost everything to follow Me; his home, his business, his marriage, and his only child, but amongst the rubble he still comes to Me with a covering of humility and sorrow and asks Me, “What is my next assignment, Lord?” These are the ones whom I seek to be My true servants. Nobodies whom I can direct and listen for My voice and follow Me. Are you one of these who are willing to give it all… to help the sick, visit those in prison, and those who have lost family members… with such great pain that they have turned to alcohol to ease their pain? Are you still going to judge them, or are you going to wake up and realize you’re not the only one? This is why I washed My disciples feet. To show you that even the Lord can do the dirtiest of jobs. I ask you, can you? Can you go out and get that lost soul and bring them back to Me, just as I said that I would leave the ninety-nine to get the one lost and rejoice bringing them back into the fold? As time winds down I ask you, are you truly a servant of Mine or of yourself?

Stand up today and go out with vigor speaking of My truths to the ones I speak of this day, My child. Though the servant has helped the homeless and spoken the words given to him for three years now, he has asked, looked back and seen that the channel that he has has grown very slowly and questions in his mind to give up speaking what I’ve given him… because many do not believe, mocking and scoffing him… feeling as a failure unto the Commission that I have set before him. Little does he know that through obedience I have brought him up to the ranks above many, for My glory. Because when I came, I was also rejected by many as I stood before the high priests. He looked at his kingdom and his rankings amongst the brethren, proud and full of knowledge and pride. Little did he know that the Lord God stood before him. Just as I have said let those who judge be judged, and let those who are kind be kind to others, and with what measure you mete, shall be the same put upon your head.

Just as My scriptures say, let those who are humble be contrite in the spirit and tremble at My words being obedient unto Me. Let us not turn to the doctrines of men, but look at that which is fitting unto the Lord with compassion and those things that are sweet unto the Lord. For it is written that those who are merciful will inherit the earth, but the transgressors shall perish from the face of the earth. So I say, do the things that are written and peace shall fall upon you. Hold fast to this, for many bless Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me.

For the oppression of the needy and the sign of the poor shall I arise, saith the Lord, as I set him in safety and deal with him confidently. They say do not exalt yourselves over the flock. I came as a humble servant, not coming as a king, exalting Myself over everyone to see.. but in all humbleness did I display that which is just and true. I was a man of sorrows and humility and with little comeliness and no beauty to be desired of no one. But I bore all that was said, being despised as many hid their face and esteemed Me not. But I was wounded for the transgressions and bruised by your iniquities.

Should you not do the same as I entrusted My disciples to do also? I was stricken and cut off from the living, as I made My grave with the wicked and the rich upon My death. I was a reproach amongst men, laughed to scorn. They shot off their lips to, “Deliver Yourself if you say You’re the Lord. “ I said you that shoot off your lips, covered unto My grace which I’ve given freely to those who have ears to hear… for are you the ones who will go out humble, contrite, and willing to serve, laying everything down as I have instructed? Saying in your heart.. I’m lacking wisdom, full of iniquity, wash me with hyssop, and clean me to be whiter than snow, create a new spirit in me, and do not remove Your Holy Spirit, putting joy in your hearts for that great day which cometh.

Sing aloud with great joy of My righteousness, praising Me with all your heart, mind, body, and soul. Remember a broken and contrite spirit… I seek it and desire it. A repentant heart pleases Me so. I say stand and be accounted righteous in My sight, not religious… saith the Lord of Hosts, Yeshua Ha’Mashiaḥ.

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