Fasten your seatbelt, as there is a major shift in the spiritual atmosphere happening now. Doug Addison
Aug. 27, 18
His saints will rejoice and the lost world will mourn. Young and old, their weeping will be unconsolable, but I was merciful to give them time to repent. Repent, I say, drop your baggage of sin and walk in freedom and in Me so that you will be able to lift off as My holy people.  Know My Word, keep My commands, have My law written on your heart, for I love My law and bless those who have kept My Word.  They are the ones that I will receive to take to the place I have prepared.   Those who have walked, letting Me lead them in obedience to My Father’s will and My shepherd’s voice will be rewarded for eternity.  Eternity is the destiny of every man and each has chosen eternal life or eternal destruction.  
I offered each person an opportunity to choose life, but most rejected My way to live in My righteousness and narrow path.  They feared man and loss now instead of fearing God and gain later.  They chose their own gods that had no authority – the gods of lust and their own evil desires. Worshipping the words of men, they gave Me lip service of honor, but they lied.  Their hearts were far from Me.  They thought that those who insisted I was returning for My blameless bride were fools, but they were wise instead.  They had their own oil and the fire of the Holy Spirit, who is God, burned as bright, shining lights on a hill. When they spoke, they had My authority to speak as if God was speaking through them.  They worked hard to find and hold onto intimacy with Me because they truly love Me.  They are devoted to Me with great hope and they see the day approaching to be truly in My presence and to be held in My arms. Their hearts long to be with Me.  I know.  I know the hearts of men, whether they are humble and constantly searching for Me or wicked and making their own plans for their worthless futures.  
Lazy and wicked, deaf, dumb and blind, My wrath is coming to these people, but still I hold My hand out and offer for you to trust Me and let Me rescue you. For I am faithful and true, the beginning and end, no one comes to the Father except through Me.  I am the voice of God and My calling changes the stubborn heart in an instant at My choosing.  The Father gives each one to Me and I do the calling.  Most reject Me in their unbelief.  They say that I didn’t really speak, that they couldn’t hear from God, but they did and may have even received what they heard.  But, the difficulty of actually doing what I said was overwhelming for them.  I told them trust only in Me and obey My voice, but the cares of this world and the fear of rejection from loved ones caused them to doubt.  And the doubt grew to cowardice.  They retreated to comfort and self-protection.  I called them to look at Me and walk on water, that is trust and obey.  To live as if you were dying this very day and be strong and courageous, I am mighty to protect and provide.  I am good and I am God.  I am not a liar, My faithfulness is great.  My peace, unsurpassable, My discipline, a blessing and My love endures forever.  
So walk with Me, let Me hold you up.  Do not be dismayed and care nothing about how you may be treated here.  Soon, they will know that what they hated about you, was God in you.  Immanuel, God with us.  By My Spirit  you are filled with power, the same power that defeated death.  My blessings come to those who embrace Me and walk by My Spirit.  Keep your eyes on Me and let your words and thoughts be ceaseless praise.  Worship Me in the Spirit and in truth and you will not be disappointed.  Trust Me that I am coming for My Bride.  Serve the Lord with all your heart as you wait patiently upon the Lord.  Serve your King and do what I say.  Your blessed hope draws near and you will see Me and touch Me and will tell Me that all the pain here was worth it to be in My presence forever and to be with My saints in this place of inexpressible beauty no human mind can grasp.  My glory fills heaven and there will be no more tears, only singing and celebration continually praising My name, the true Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.    
By Tarry, Walking by the Spirit Always YouTube channel

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