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A Word from the Lord
Raise your voice with praise, for I delight in the praises of My people.  I inhabit the praises of My people.  Do not talk about what the thief may do.  Talk about what I am going to do for you.  Speak it forth.  Speak it forth with boldness and confidence.  Call things that be not as though they are and watch what will happen, for My Spirit will bring it to pass.  My Spirit will bring it to pass, says the Lord.  For I am the Lord and there is none like unto Me.  I will be glorified in all that breathes.  They will sing forth My praises and will not give up.  No, they will hold the line, even though it may be tough.  
Yes, My Spirit will flow within you.  Rise up, My children and know that I begin a new thing.  A fresh, a new, a fresh thing within you this day, for My Spirit will display My splendor, My glory.  A new beginning, for I have said a new fresh start will never end.  Every new day My Spirit will begin a fresh work.  My mercy flows.  My grace flows.  My strength flows.  My ability flows from within.  Rise up, call up My Spirit from within now.  Rejoice and be glad.  Rejoice and be glad in Me. 
For I put a song in your heart, a new song, a new start.  It will come forth as you praise Me, as you begin to thank Me.  Let rise My grateful heart within you.  Rise up. 
You are risen with Me, seated in heavenly places.  That is your position.  Work My works on the earth today.  Be glorified as I am glorified, for I am within you.  You lack for no good thing.  Be bold, be bold, be bold, be strong, for I am with You. 
Be refreshed, be renewed, be healed, be delivered in the name of Jesus.
By Dr. Randy C. Brodhagen.
Lana Vawser
I had a vision and saw weights and concerns surrounding many of God’s people and as God’s people focused on them I saw heavy sandbags attaching to their feet, heart and hands. Such a heaviness and inability to SOAR came upon them. I then saw Jesus appear and I heard Colossians 3:2:
“Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.”
The Lord spoke about being intentional to focus on HIM and what HE has said. As I watched I saw many of God’s people turn in repentance and place their eyes back on Him and His goodness and faithfulness. As I looked at Jesus I could see promises that He has spoken over the very concerns that weighed God’s people down, were all contained IN HIM!
As God’s people intentionally focused and meditated on Jesus and what He has said, the weights and concerns didn’t get bigger, they got smaller and started to shake, shift and turn. The shoots of “new life” started bursting forth within these areas of weight and concern and they began to turn. Trusting Him and not worrying released such a joy within their hearts that was founded in Him and His words that they began to soar again and the power of God brought breakthrough and joy shifted the atmosphere.
The areas that have tried to weigh you down, turn away from looking at them and look at Jesus and what He has spoken, as there’s a major shift and breakthrough beginning to grow and flow.

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