You can learn to rise above all the negative noise and the spirit of this world and come into agreement with the thoughts and ways of the Lord. Get ready, the best is yet to come! God is redeeming past pain and losses as the books in Heaven are being balanced. Doug Addison
A Word from the Lord
“One, one, one, one.  I, the Lord your God, am one God, says the Lord.  Though I be the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  One God, one God.  I am one.  There can be no division, for I am not divided.  If I be divided and work against Myself, then I accomplish nothing and I am nothing.  I am one God united, united; the three as one; the three as one.  I do not work against Myself, I work together and enhance My glory as a result. 
When each part of My Body does its part and fulfills its part and comes together as one, then My glory will be displayed.  As when the singers and the musicians became one voice to Me, My glory filled the House and My glory was displayed and My ministers could not stand to minister.  They were all one with Me, for My glory had filled the house as it does now. 
I have prepared My Spirit by My Spirit to do the work which I will do and I will unite every part to become one part to Me, to My glory, for I am the Lord and I am not divided. 
So fill your heart with My Spirit and My presence.  As you enter into My presence in My Spirit, then you will be one spirit, one heart, one mind before Me, for I am the Lord and I do this.  I do this.  I make you one.  One.  One.  To My glory and the good of all concerned.  Let no part think they are more important than another part, but each think of themselves as team.  When one is encouraged, the other is encouraged.  When one is weak, we pull them up and they become strong.  We are together and My glory reigns.  Not separate, not separate.  One, one, one, one.  I say it again, one, one, one, one.”
Pastor:  My voice will be heard when I do not think about a single word.  When I let my spirit flow, that is when healing power will go.  For it is not about me or you, it is about us together forever.  Forever.  When one part hurts, we all hurt.  When one part sorrows, we all sorrow.  When one part is exalted, we are all exalted.  But we are one.  We are one. 
The Lord (cont’d):  “Let no striving, manipulation, or control come from you, for I am the Lord and I own and control all.  Rather, humble yourselves before Me and in due season you will be exalted.  As I am exalted, you will be exalted, for we are one, one together.  One together forever, forever, forever, forever.  Forever.”
By Dr. Randy C. Brodhagen.

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