The Vineyard
May 17, 2019 3:07 PM
Handmaid of the Most High
While waiting in a patient room, I was praying to the Lord, I had been expecting a vision for 2 days. This is not at all the topic I expected.
I saw a huge vineyard before me as far as the eye could see.
It was early morning and the dew had just about dissipated, with the area above the soil appearing with a hint of mist about the vines. What I saw was very strange (I have lived in several places with vineyards and never saw anything like this). Most of the grapes were dead, they were lying on the ground. Their stems so dry they could not stand erect. Others were dying though they had fruit turning into raisins. While others were so dry, they were almost dust. Some that lay on the ground were bruised and rotten. However, among this sight were beautiful plants, glowing globes, lush grapes that glistened in the sun. They were so gorgeous.
I sensed Jesus next to me as I looked about and He spoke, “I am the wine dresser. It is almost time for Me to Harvest the grapes.” Part of me was excited. I knew what that meant and I have waited a long time to hear this, (We are going home!).
I sensed such profound sorrow from Jesus as He surveyed the mess scattered all over the ground for nearly 90% was worthless. It wouldn’t even be picked, but left on the ground to the elements to breakdown. I started to cry. I said to Jesus, I am so sorry. How hurt You must be! All the waste! He spoke, “Yes. I worked very hard to cultivate this vineyard. I planted at just the right time. The soil was cultivated and ready with all the right nutrients. I took great care to give it {the vineyard} the right temperatures, sun and rain, making sure that they {plants} had just what they needed but many failed to thrive while others refused the good things I offered and thus many never produced good fruit. Now, it is time to harvest but most of the grapes never matured. The Harvest is so much smaller than I had hoped for.” Jesus had a very small smile on his lips, His eyes so terribly sad, His sadness just broke my heart. Each time I think about this I cry again. I am weeping as I type.
Friends, if we only knew how much Jesus loves us and desires to be united with us, I dare say few would treat Him so dispassionately. I had to repent for all the times I ignore Him. I can barely control myself, I am so ashamed and so terribly sorry. I am heartbroken. Please, PLEASE Don’t Treat Jesus this way! He loves you so much!
Soon there will be no more warnings.
Time is so short. I know this like I know my name. I have such a strong urge to say goodbye to people!
LISTEN the Savior is calling YOU!
Immediately, after I saw “The Vineyard” vision above, it was followed by another scene.
The Lord confirmed that this prophecy is directed at those in U.S. church.
I saw a huge plateau of land, high atop a mountain range with many white sheep grazing, the peaks of other mountains in view. I saw three shepherds among these thousands of sheep, many sheep. The vast majority was far away from the shepherds, some were gathering in groups though most were alone. Of those far away, I saw some so dirty, their coats were gray and many nearly black as though they were covered with soot. The three shepherds were providing nurture to some of the snowy white sheep. The shepherd closest to me appeared to be speaking words of comfort to a nearly dead sheep, as other sheep stood and watched.
I was momentarily in the spirit with Him there, I asked “Jesus, please explain what I am seeing?” I knew He was behind my right side.
He explained:
“These sheep are those who have called upon Me to be their Lord and Savior. They had been cleansed of their sins. Look at those far away,” (He directed my eyes to my left, which were far away from the white sheep and they were various shades of gray). “They are no longer following Me.” Then I saw writing on their spines with the sin that these sheep embraced. These were what had led them astray.
“PORNOGRAPHY” was on many…
“ANGER” also many
“UNFORGIVENESS” quite a few
“These are so prominent in My churches that many {CHURCHES} I abandoned long ago and yet, the sheep haven’t even noticed I left! In vain, they worship Me but I am far from them. Many of these are satisfied with their walk with Me, not realizing that they are not of Me! They have left the narrow path, so blinded by these sins, they embraced that they don’t even notice they are walking alone. They talk to Me occasionally. Usually, when they are afraid, or fearful but even then, they don’t desire to commune with Me. They just want Me to fix their problem to their satisfaction. They are like spoiled children, who will apologize to get out of a tight spot, so that the good times keep coming. They don’t want Me. They don’t even consider My views. They just want their “freedom” to do as they please. I honor this. I never force anyone to choose Me.” This too caused me to cry.
His voice and expression was very sad. I remember when playing teams as a child, often I was the last picked and the hurt and humiliation that came with that rejection. Yet, Jesus isn’t rejected because He stinks at sports but because people view Him as a spoilsport. They see Him as a mean judge, who doesn’t want them to have fun. Friends, sin isn’t fun, it is deceitful. It is bait on the hook that captures you on the pole of sin.
Jesus then told me to look upon the shepherds tending the sheep.
“These represent the faithful few, they care for the sheep who are wounded by others and the world. Some of these sheep are near spiritual death. They are weary because they often fight alone and because they are so frequently attacked and many don’t have anyone fighting with them. Many have given up. I send shepherds (other clean sheep since there are so few real shepherds) but many of these sheep have surrendered, “they are tired”, I hear them crying. More than a few are begging for My return. I am coming but some will quit before then. Tell them not to quit. I understand they are tired and lonely. I am not ignoring their pleas. Remind them that their view of time is not as I view time and I will come soon. I know many think I am late. I am not! They need to seek Me more than ever before. Stop looking at the natural; seek Me in the spiritual realm. I am with you and I AM protecting you!”
“Tell them we will soon be dining as one in My heaven. Won’t you stand with Me a few more moments until I return? Won’t you lay your ways, hopes, desires and yes, your dreams down to fight for your brothers and sisters? Will you stand in the gap for someone else carrying a heavy load?”
“Do not fear the consequences in the natural. I know your enemy is attacking you with fear and all that will be unleashed as you fight attacks within your country. Don’t give in to this fear! Don’t receive these deceptions. Remind yourself that you are engaged in a spiritual battle not the flesh!”
“I am weary of the saints that spend their time arguing and battling one another allowing the enemy in, so that I can’t use them. Stop and ask, will this change the outcome of my walk, if the other person continues to disagree with me? Will it affect their salvation if I don’t argue my point and persuade them to change their views? Faith should be your foundation, righteousness should always be your guide. If your brother or sister is wrong, after you share the truth in love (gentleness and true humility) ask Me to take over and move on. True leaders unify for a bigger purpose. Your purpose is to share the good news that I love each soul and that I AM the way, I AM the truth and I AM light. You must set aside minor differences to stand for Me against the one world gospel that will worship the antichrist. I want unity among the true saints. Why are you letting pride rule? It is not enough that I know the truth. Even though you believe that I have agreement with your views, that doesn’t mean you never make a mistake. Don’t you see that by continuing to argue, you repel the people I want you to minister to? That because you are dogmatic that YOU are a cause for the offense?! Satan does even confound the brightest among you. Watch out! Lest I choose another vessel in your place, if you refuse to set a watch over your tongue. I AM has spoken!
Heed My words and I will soon be among you, face to face.
I love you.  Pray to Me and confirm if you remain on the narrow path.

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