You can make your plans and set your course, but you must hold them loosely.  Be willing to make adjustments as you go.  You do not know what the future holds but I do, says the Lord.  When you allow Me to give direction and guide you, you can expect the best outcome possible.  I am your hope and future, and I am with you.
Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.
Dreams and visions are going to increase all week as God is making plans. Doug Addison

Where You Go, I go

Speak to the storm and tell it to bow in My name, says the Lord.  Say, “Jesus,” and “Peace, be still,” and know that I am God.  There is truly none like unto Me.  So look to Me, call to Me, thank Me, and praise Me for all that I am and all that I do.  Know that I care for you.  You are truly the apple of My eye.  I am close, I am near, I am within, I am without.  You will never lack for anything as you are about My purpose, so enjoy My presence and be glad, exceedingly glad.

I go ahead preparing the way.  Don’t ever be afraid or discouraged, but take the steps that need to be taken.  You know not the way, but I do. I do.  Trust Me.  I know what to do and how to do it and I will work it.  Even now I am working it.  Even now.  I am bringing all the nations together to the time when I will come.  I will come.  I am bringing everything.  I am setting everything in place, so do not get caught up in the race.  Get caught up in the finish and keep your eyes on the finish.  I will be there greeting you when you come and I will be there encouraging you as you go and all along the way.  I am doing it all in you and through you, says the Lord.  So, don’t ever think it is you, for it is Me.  Look at what I am doing; it is good, for you are My good workmanship created by Me and for Me for the good works and plans that I have planned.  Now you are here, you are on the scene.  Say, “Alive forevermore!”  Forevermore to be about My praise and My glory.

I will instruct you, guide you, correct you, instill in you My confidence, for I will be your confidence.  Day in, day out.  Day in, day out, so finish strong in what I have given you to do.  Be prepared in My Spirit through My Word, through My blood, through My encouragement that I give to you every day through your spirit.  Listen to My voice within you, says the Lord.  Listen to My Word and know that My Word and My Spirit are one.  I will see that everything gets done just the way I have purposed and intended it.  Draw near to Me and continue to draw near to Me and I will draw near to you.  Know that everywhere I go, you go, where you go, I go.  We are one.  We are one.  So give Me the praise.
By Pastor Randy Brodhagen


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