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FEB 7, 2:58 PM
Sis. Cornell De Beer

Second message, received: 18th January 2020

And so come the last days children of Israel. Great is the deceit on earth. The world is at its end.

The abomination will soon enter on the scene. Depart from your sins now so you may be saved for eternity. You have been warned.

The wicked have nothing good in store for you. His main purpose is to send you to hell with him. He is a murderer, an abomination from hell and great deceiver.

Do not forget, that you have the victory in My Son that died on the cross for you, so you may be saved and have eternal life in Me.

The wicked will sit on his throne and pretend to be a god. He is nothing but I will let him have his time until I will bind him and throw him in the pits of hell where he belongs. He will be bound and outcast for eternity.

(I’ve received the Number 552 here which means: Indeed, surety and certain.)

Until then beloved, fear not and don’t cease praying. A thousand shall fall at your side and 10,000 at your right hand but shall not come close to you. With My love and Holy power, no one can touch you.

Many will be deceived and receive the mark of the beast. The abomination will reign for three and half years until I come again.

My wrath on this earth will be like nothing that you will ever be able to comprehend. My anger is at the wicked deceiver and will boil over in complete destruction on earth and to those that did not want to hear My voice and give their evil hearts to Me.

The winds from four corners of the earth will carry you to Me. You must listen to My Words and My two greatest commandments. (Matthew 22 vers 36-40)

Fallen angels and the wicked will be in control of this world. Do not be deceived. If you take the mark of the beast, you will be lost forever.

I am the only way, the truth and life. Beloved, heed My voice and prepare for My coming.

Your Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit.

(I’ve received the Number 446 here which means: The truth, death, the works of the Lord, stop being materialistic and God is Father.)

Confirmation Bible chapters received:

Ezekiel 14
God makes it very clear we need to set aside our idols. Idols estrange us from God and corrupt our hearts. The Judgement of God will dwell with man according to what they really are.

Matthew 24
Mark 12
Mark 13

Brothers and sisters, please we need to support each other and pray to stand STRONG together in our Lord Jesus like never before.

The devil is an old hand at what he’s doing, making us feel we are not good enough, worthless and at times uncertain of our salvation.

We MUST remember God’s promises. God’s absolute pure and unconditional love for us. We are His little children, He will provide and protect us like a good Father does.

We are all falling short but we are justified by Jesus, the pure and innocent blood of the Lamb. As believers we already have the victory in Jesus. It’s done. BELIEF in our salvation and our righteousness in our Saviour Jesus.


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