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Cornell De Beer

Dear brothers and sisters,

I am your Master, Yahushua, Your King, Your Almighty God, the Great I Am.

Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Torpedoes will soon follow. Massive destruction on earth.

(Definition of torpedo: To hit or sink a ship. A cigar shaped self-propelled underwater missile designed to be fired from a ship or submarine or dropped into the water from an aircraft and explode on reaching a target.)

My beloved children, you will be safe under My wings of protection. You will be protected and provided for. Heed not the voice of the enemy that you might be deceived. I am coming like a thief in the night to get My bride.

Call upon Me, oh children of Israel. Hear My voice and the voice of My children. I am the Great I Am. Heed My voice!

Judgement and great sorrows are upon you. The Great tribulation is around the corner as in your time. My great shakings upon this earth will follow shortly. Heed that you are ready, look up upon the sky and watch out for Me.

My children I will never forsake you. Do not fear this world. The saplings of the tree are tender and ready for Me to pluck into My loving arms of rest and peace.

Like a good Shepard I will provide and look after you! It is My duty to protect you as I am true to My Word and Scripture.

The Kingdom of Heaven is waiting and ready to receive you.

Do not take the mark of the beast. Your DNA will be transformed and you will be lost forever to the fallen angels and the wicked evil one. Many will die for My sake but My lost ones will come back to Me and be in My heavenly arms forever into eternity.

Great works will be done in My Holy name and My mighty angels will be at your disposal for protection. Remember that you are saved by My favour in belief.

Kingdom upon kingdom will fall but My Kingdom is everlasting. Let those that are thirsty drink of My river of waters. Have no fear beloved, soon you will be with Me.

Your Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit.

Confirmations received:

Psalm 105
The Lord’s blessings on His people. Give thanks to God, worship Him. Not the idols of this world, He alone deserves to be called upon and praised. God our Father is amazing and we need to tell the world of His wondrous works. Sing to Him, praise Him, thank Him for His glory, honour, strength, works and righteousness.

He is our Lord and He remembers His covenant always. It is everlasting. God is faithful and will protect what is His.

Matthew 28
Jesus’ resurrection. Blessed are they that have not seen and yet have believed. For we must walk in belief and not by sight.

Confirmation numbers: 1141 -Eternal, He alone is my rock and salvation, Is spirit, the sinless One, hear the voice of.

1 Corinthians 15
The resurrection of Jesus from the dead, proved by His apostles. Jesus was crucified, died for our sins and raised from the dead. By this truth Jesus’ apostles lived and died. Believers triumph over death and the grave.

Jesus Christ brings hope, forgiveness of sins and eternal life. We believe and trust in God, Jesus Christ our Saviour.

Deuteronomy 14
Moses said God has selected His people from all others to be His most trusted possessions. God chose us by His grace and He will form His children to be His Holy people. God command us to live our lives for Him.

Isaiah 14 and 15

While we warn our enemies to escape from ruin, let us pray for them that they may seek and find forgiveness in Jesus for their sins. Everyone will see God’s judgement.

Matthew 15

Jesus deal with the Pharisees and continued to perform miracles and teach His people. Jesus was not discouraged by the Pharisees hypocrisy. Jesus explained that the things that go into their body do not defile them but it is the things that come out of their heart which are wicked.

John 10 verse 5

Yet by no means will they follow a stranger, but will flee from him for they do not know the voice of strangers.

Our God is a forgiving and loving Father. It is never to late to give your heart to Jesus. To confess and repent of sins.

John 14: 16 Jesus says unto him, I am the way, the truth and the life, no man cometh unto the Father but by me.

God bless you brothers and sisters, I was in tears when I received this message. Time is short. I pray the pure life giving powerful healing protective blood of the Jesus Christ over you all. Stand strong in Jesus, we are going home. The end line is insight.

Your sister


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