You are worried about things that you can do nothing about.  Give them to Me and trust that I will perfect those things that concern you.  I am not a figment of your imagination.  I exist.  I know you and know all about you.  Come to Me and bring that which you cannot do on your own and leave it to Me in belief, says the Lord.
Psalm 46:1  God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
A new plan is here, so take time to slow down and listen. Doug Addison

Victoria Ang
Woken To Vision:

I was sound asleep and suddenly jolted from my sleep to see a vision flashing before my eyes. I see 111…….111 …….111 then I hear very loudly …” THE COUNTDOWN HAS BEGUN”.……… Then I see the vision again of …111 …but this time I see on the right upper corner, on the top of the number one, a fuse with a big stick of dynamite attached to it…….. I see it has been lit and sparks are coming from the one end. And again hear ….. SOUND THE ALARM……….. SOUND THE ALARM!!!! …… I went into immediate prayer and felt led to look at the time. It was 1:40 AM (140 in Hebrew means MY LORD HAS ARISEN)…….
God bless! NO FEAR!!! Keep your eyes focused on Jesus! May all that listen be protected from harm!

May 19, 2020. Stay true to your calling. I called you to be who you are. There is no one else exactly like you. You did not know who or what you would be when I first called. It was new to you then and it has remained somewhat new even now. Keep it always fresh. When it remains fresh to you, it remains fresh to others. People love the smell and taste of fresh bread. Be sure and keep it fresh.
1 Samuel 21:6 (NLT2) “Since there was no other food available, the priest gave him the holy bread-the Bread of the Presence that was placed before the LORD in the Tabernacle. It had just been replaced that day with fresh bread.”  Bev Robinson  
May 19, 2020. Love Me with everything that defines you. Being neighborly, means loving others unconditionally. You can be angry, just pray and give thanks in everything. If I say “repent,” it means turn and act without question. Self-control is good, because I want you to see how it made Me feel. I encourage you to listen more and speak sparingly. Oh, how I love you and want you to repent. The fellowship of My suffering is real. Live obediently.
2 Peter 3:9 (NOG) “The Lord isn’t slow to do what He promised, as some people think. Rather, He is patient for your sake. He doesn’t want to destroy anyone but wants all people to have an opportunity to turn to Him and change the way they think and act.”  Kevin Robinson
May 19, 2020. You have asked Me for peace. My peace has already been dispensed and it is yours. You have said that peace is nowhere to be found, but My peace is all around you. My peace comes to those whose mind is set on Me. When your mind is set on Me, you will trust Me. When you trust Me, My Spirit will transform your mind and your mind will allow you to live in My perfect peace.
Isaiah 26:3 (NASB) “The steadfast of mind You will keep in perfect peace, Because he trusts in You.”  Jonas Bohlin

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