Stand your ground. Hold your position. Maintain and continue. I am your enabler and I will uphold you. Your part is to submit and yield to the work of the Spirit in you. I will not lead you astray or tear you down. Allow Me to build you up and strengthen you to live according to My will and purposes. Establish yourself in peace and do not be afraid. I am with you. 
Psalm 29:11 The Lord will give strength to His people; the Lord will bless His people with peace.
October 29, 2020
Nikita NikitaI was a Hindu for over 35 years and two years ago I saw Jesus Christ. Since then I give my life to Jesus and I repented and am living for Jesus, my savior. Here is a highlight of what I saw in my dream.

Jesus showed me new Jerusalem, Jesus showed me a moon. He said when you see this moon know redemption draws near. I looked up and it was a reddish, pinkish moon, sure enough on breaking Israel news months later on passover 2020 there it was in the headline on Breaking Israel’s news, redemption dream near reddish pinkish moon over Israel.

Jesus wrote in the sky and said tell His people to stand together with Israel. I saw the pope with a Bible in his hand and on the cover said 666; he was leading the crowd and as I was chasing him, I lost him in the crowd. I saw many huge, big white angels all over, covering every corner of the earth. I saw 7 angels with long golden trumpets in the midst in the clouds.

I saw there was an army preparing for some major events with long range missiles and a short range missile moving on a truck to a secret place. I saw Jesus coming in the sky and He said to me He is coming back soon. I saw again Jesus coming, this time fiercely with no favoritism.  Then lightning struck and I was aware it is the rapture, then a sudden earthquake and then a flood. People were on their knees begging for mercy and there was none.

I saw men wearing uniforms what looked like one world order logo on their uniforms and going to people’s homes kicking the door down taking some kind of Mark and if they refused they were dragged out of their home to a camp.

I saw a brownish horse with a man in a red robe riding this horse and landed next to me as I was sitting on a bench. This horse rode off and I felt in my spirit I need to prepare.

So I told my husband to prepare for 1 year food supplies. I’m glad I did because 3 weeks later COV 19 breaks out .. Jesus blessed me with everything in life in less in two years and showed me many things.

i saw a storm coming it’s so bad people will be scattered don’t know where to run trying get saved but it was so bad and too late.

I pray people repent today and give their life to Jesus Christ. Don’t let it be too late. Today is the day to repent, Jesus is coming.

Two nights ago I had a dream.  It seems like we are so close, I looked up to the sky and saw strange behavior in the sky.  The clouds were like a tornado and that’s when I saw Jesus and I started lifting off the ground.  Also in my dream, I was walking in heaven and seems like everyone is appointed to special work as I was hedging go on my job site.

I trust in Jesus. He is real and is coming back soon. Don’t let it be too late to repent.  Jesus is the only way. He is my everything and only through Jesus all things are possible. I love You, my savior Jesus Christ.

November 3, 2020. Explosive anger will seem to erupt out of nowhere. You know the person from where it will come. It is not their character. There is more to the story. I will give you a peace that doesn’t make sense. Receive My peace. Somehow you will sense humor. You will not know the whole story, but trust that I am working behind the scene, especially for someone you have been ardently praying for. I hear your prayers.

Daniel 10:12 (NLT2) “Then he said, “Don’t be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day you began to pray for understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your request has been heard in heaven. I have come in answer to your prayer.”  Bev Robinson

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