The gates of heaven are opening, and I am calling to you to go through the gates and receive all that is available to you. With patience continue to press in until you receive the anointing of this season. I will position you for victory and blessings in the coming days. All things are possible to those who believe. Come by faith into the fullness of what I am doing.
Psalm 118:19 Open to me the gates of righteousness; I will go through them, and I will praise the Lord.
 In a vision I saw a clock, and I could hear it ticking. I turned away and looked back at the time, and it had barely advanced. Then, the Lord said that it may seem like time is almost standing still because we are anxious to get moving into the next season, but it is not yet time to make significant progress. This is a time of transition and waiting. Some people are bored, and some feel aimless because the transition has not made a way to move ahead yet.  Exercising patience will reveal things internally that must be dealt with right now so as not to be carried into the future.
Luke 21:19 “By your patience possess your souls.”
Feb. 4, 2021

Draw near to Me and I will draw near to you, and I will show you great and mighty things, things that you know not of. Call upon Me in the day of trouble and there will not be any trouble. It may be all around you, but it will not be in you or with you. For I have delivered you from the evil one’s hand and My Spirit is flowing across the land. Whosoever will call upon Me, I will deliver and they will remain in My hand. I will supply, I will protect, I will care for, I will love because they have set their love upon Me and not upon another, saith the Lord. I will rescue them and help them and I will be their very present help in time of trouble.

For trouble will come. Understand, I have held back much of the trouble that wanted to come. But it does not matter what comes. What matters is that I am here and I am with you, in you, for you, around you. We are going to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Say to the mountain, “You are even ground.” My Spirit will flow freely to each and every one. Everyone will have opportunity to know that I have won and I remain the Victor. So don’t get caught up in all the “whoo whoo” that is going on. Keep your eyes focused on Me and realize that I endured the contradiction of the cross (for you) for the joy that was set before Me. Even today I am rejoicing in you and in the joy that I am producing in you and in those who call upon My name. They will never be ashamed and, yes, their belief will never be in vain.

For I have loved you with an everlasting love that does not change. My presence remains in you and around you and is there for whosoever. So, touch the people. Love the people. Care for the people. That they might receive the peace and joy that I have given to you and that it might remain within you.

Love in Jesus,
Pastor Randy Brodhagen


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