Believe that you can be restored. Believe in Me, for I will bring you to a place where you can do far better than you imagined.  I will help you find the place of believing and receiving. I have undergirded you with the word of truth. Now allow the word of truth to take you on this journey of restoration. Be restored in My presence. Be restored by My word. For, this is the season you find yourself in. This is exactly what I have for you. I say to you, simply believe and allow My Spirit to bring you to a place of restoration so you can be all that you were designed to be, says the Lord.
In a vision I saw a family of mountain goats living on a steep, rugged cliff as though the terrain was level ground. They were jumping from one crag to another effortlessly with sure-footedness. And, I heard the Lord say that this is a type of what it is to live and move in spiritual high places, where the supernatural becomes as natural as breathing. He has given us the ability to expertly navigate the difficulties of our lives by the power of His Spirit.
Romans 8:14 For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.
Feb. 9, 21

Part 1 of 2

Your transformation comes quickly. You know what to do. (Now)This (time coming) is the hardest part. Be patient, remember, I relent. My choices are fluid at times. My ways are not your ways. Trust Me.  Be ready at all times. The worst of times will be your best of times. I will do miracles through you. Your brightness will shine everywhere you go. I will make you whole, bright, shiny and new. Peace be to you My loves, My doves, My beautiful ones.

Teach My new converts about Me and My goodness. Teach them My will in My ways. Direct them to My Word for their finish work.  Your rewards will be great My children. Never forget My love for you. I come to you and touch your heart in ways only you and I can understand. But, you already know this. To share this will be your challenge.

Old friends will return, new ones will disappear into the darkness. You cannot save them all. They are My finished work!!  Remember them in prayer as the weight of your prayers will justify their guilt and give them opportunities with Me they would never have. This is why your prayer time is so very important My children. Do not neglect our time. Satan will be coming at you harder because his time is short. I have and will equip you for the coming days. Receive your mantles, receive your assignments.   Go forward and execute My plan. I am using your hands and feet. Walk in My fullness, not yours!!!

Many of you do not feel worthy. This is My heart. I know how you feel. I see the deepest pain and desire to let it go. Do not carry these burdens any longer. Let them go. Give them to Me. Release your pain. I give you joy in the morning.

Even in these dark days My children you will and should carry My joy. This is not about you, this is about everyone else. You will be sheltered from much. You will be emotionally hardened to accomplish your ministry. This will give you the ability to endure the awful events which are to come. This is how you will be able to rise up and activate your healing ministries. This is a mystery released to some. Many already have this information in their private journals. The rest of you are to know this now. My babes will be part of this activation. They will work alongside My seasoned saints. The more of you who are able to work together, the more power you will have against the darkness. There will be a great transformation coming soon.

My bride bound to pharmakeia will become free of it. Bodies will be healed for the final leg of your journeys, no longer under Satan’s control. Be of good cheer My loves. Battle rams ready. War is in the heavenlies which means it is coming to Earth soon.

Given with the message:
Consecration (ready yourselves for the Lord’s coming)

Leviticus 8:21 – 31
Isaiah 3:16-26

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